Get Fit With These 5 Spotify Playlists

You’re at the gym. All geared up. In the right frame of mind – “I am going to conquer this sweat sesh”. And the next minute, you realise you forgot to bring your earphones.

Let me put it this way: the need to listen to good tunes while working out is the equivalent to the need to get a caffeine fix before attending an early AM class. The tempo and the rhythm is the sound-caffeine that literally motivates you, make exercising fun and appear MUCH shorter (time-wise). So close up the #fitspo photographs on Tumblr and Instagram! Here are five workout playlists on Spotify you should check out if you are seeking for some motivation.

IMG_2643 (1)


Best For: Running  A compilation of remixes, radio edits, Avicii and EDM style tunes that will help you run that extra K.

IMG_2647 (1)


Best For: Yoga This is not your average yoga playlist that consists of ocean waves, flutes and oriental chantings *ommmm*. Above & Beyond gives a contemporary twist to what you would normally hear in a yoga class. A bit of indie mixtape, pop, classical instruments, ambient, chantings here and there. Upbeating, yet relaxing at the same time. Perfect for vinyasa flows and holding strong poses like Warrior I & III.

IMG_2644 (1)


Best For: Power Walking Who doesn’t love power walking? I love the meditative sensation of walking, and it’s THE go-to workout when you don’t feel like anything too intense, but still want to squeeze in some quality active time into your day. Speed up your pace and look like the happiest person on earth by listening to Mood Booster.

 IMG_2646 (1)


Best For: Cardio AND Strength Training  The workout playlist for those who are not into EDM (I know people who thinks its a really noisy genre and it gives them a headache).

IMG_2645 (1)


Best For: Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation Mind fit is just as important as body fit. The Sleep Playlist is the best musical destination to unwind after a long day, and the more effective alternative to bombarding your brain with social media content when you’re trying to fall asleep. The music in this playlist are simply relaxing and dreamlike.

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Author: Citizen 2.0

PR & Advertising student from Sydney. Creator of Starry Notes, a digital notebook for documenting style adventures, inspirations and ways to make life a little more starry-er.

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