Simple Ways To Nurture Creativity

On average, humans process 70,000 thoughts per day, so it's easy to lose one good idea when you have 69,999 other thoughts running around in your mind. Here are 3 ways to nurture your CREATIVITY and turn your IDEA into PRODUCT.


#1 Your creative TIME & SPACE

Creativity blocks happen due to a variety of reasons, including mental clutter, burnout, that 4pm slump, and a repetitive, regimented lifestyle that shuts you away from new insights and experiences. Find an activity that will allow your mind to ‘breathe’ and clear up to let the creative thinking flow through! Whether it’s meditation, long walks, working out or getting in touch with nature. Identify when and where you’re most productive, since productivity correlates highly with creativity. While some prefer the refreshed feeling on a early morning, others may find the stillness of 11pm more appealing. The location of your creative endeavours also matters, whether it’s your favourite cafe, a particular corner of your home, the library or the office. Whatever that environment may be, it should keep you focused and in #workmode!

It’s all about finding YOUR creative time and space.

#2 Inspiration is BY YOUR SIDE – Just STAY CONSCIOUS. 

Many influential artists and writers get their inspirations from the minutia of everyday life- a dream, an encounter, or a memorable experience. Highlight a quote from a book you feel extremely connected to, listen to other people’s stories, flip through old family photographs and pay attention to your surroundings during your next commute…The seed of a game-changing creative product? You never know.

#3 Capture and develop your THOUGHTS & IDEAS on PAPER.

On average, humans process 70,000 thoughts per day, so it’s easy to lose one good idea when you have 69,999 other thoughts running around in your mind. Capture it, and turn the intangible tangible by writing it down. I still remember when my art teacher assigned each of us a random word, and we have to stem different ideas from that one word in our Visual Arts diaries. I was given ‘CLOCK’, which lead to progression, history, transitoriness, and eventually, evolved into the conceptual basis of my final year body of work.


PR & Advertising student from Sydney. Creator of Starry Notes, a digital notebook for documenting style adventures, inspirations and ways to make life a little more starry-er.

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