Sugar Plum Fairy Shot Pot

Sugar Plum Fairy Shot Pot

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Shot pots are a mini version of our wax melt pots and are perfect for trying out a new scent if you’re not sure it’s for you! 

  A fruity scent with a base of sweetness from vanilla and sugar. Top notes of rhubarb, plum and hints of pear to make this fruity concoction.

How to use: To remove from pot you may need to slightly push up from the bottom of the pot. Once removed from pot, cut to desired size and pop in your wax burner with a tealight underneath. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scent filling the room. 

Disclaimer: My wax melt pots are all unique as they are handpoured therefore you won’t see two the same and it won’t look exactly like the picture.